Areas of Work

We aim to address a range of social issues, our key areas of work are: children and families, loneliness and isolation, homelessness, mental health and wellbeing, food insecurity and people seeking asylum.

By working together with local people, churches and communities we can help individuals to become connected with supportive relationships and resources that will help them flourish.

  • We encourage people to work together where they want to make a difference in their community
  • We are a resource offering support and advice to develop new and existing activities or projects
  • We bring people together for training, and events to share experience and vision.
  • We work closely with other organisations and represent the work of local churches on several partnership bodies
Many families face challenges without sufficient resources to nurture their children. We are working with local communities to connect families with resources and relationships that will help them to flourish.
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Faithfully Ageing Better, which is part of Ageing Better Middlesbrough, is working on a number of projects and activities in local communities to reduce loneliness and isolation.
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In homelessness, it’s vital that people work together and talk with one another if we’re going to make as much difference as we can. Our work in this area is…
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Providing food for people in need and helping people to eat well on a budget
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