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Loneliness and Isolation

Faithfully Ageing Better, which is part of Ageing Better Middlesbrough, is working on a number of projects and activities in local communities to reduce loneliness and isolation.

We recognise that loneliness and isolation can affect anyone and so we aim to bring people together to develop friendships and share their stories, gifts and talents.

  • The Warm Welcome Network works with local churches and community groups to create places that provide a Warm Welcome for everyone in their local community.
  • Food and Friendship is a project that brings people together to cook and share food in local community venues, to develop friendships and strengthen community life.
  • Table Talk is a way of having great conversations, using questions to invite people to share their lives and stories
  • Feast of Fun across the Generations - every year we invite older people to become involved in Feast of Fun holiday activities, and events that bring people together across the generations.
  • Dementia Friendly Churches - a network of churches that provide a welcome and support to people living with dementia and their family and friends
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