Table Talk 003

Table Talk Training

In early autumn we hosted a ‘Table Talk’ session at the Trinity Centre led by Ruth Lewis, who has developed Table Talk as a great way to get people talking.

Feedback was constructive, engaging and testing. Generally, people wanted more time to share with those with different stories. We did a pros and cons list in the hall and many of the individual evaluation sheets confirmed what was said:

Pros: The Positives

Table Talk is a great icebreaker. Lots of relevant issues. Good for team building. Enlightening. Gave rise to many happy memories. Felt like I had permission to talk. Had a flexible structure. People listened and showed empathy. It was emotional in a good way. Therapeutic! So many common experiences. Felt closer to people.

Cons: The Cautions

You need to ensure the environment is safe for those who may feel vulnerable. Facilitators bear a great responsibility so may need guidelines. Need an awareness that it’s not the place to fix things. Some people may have enhanced sensitivities. Expectations may be unrealistic. People must have the right to pass on a question.

Everybody who responded felt they would like more practice and training and so we will be holding another Table Talk session as part of a Warm Welcome Network gathering at the Trinity Centre North Ormesby on Thursday March 26th 9.00am to 3.00pm – no charge, lunch will be provided,

There will be guest speakers on many matters concerning the Warm Welcome Network, lots of opportunity to network and all groups attending will be provided with a free pack of ‘Table Talk’ cards.