Mark Sutcliffe TMC Champion

Mark Sutcliffe is PCC Treasurer at St Cuthbert's Kildale

As a ‘champion’ of TM&C– someone who acts as a link with and promotes the activities of the organisation – I recently spent a very enjoyable hour or two at one of the Feast of Fun days at the Methodist Church in Guisborough. Around 40 children from the Redcar and Cleveland area, supported by a dozen enthusiastic volunteers, were engaged in various activities inspired by a story from the Bible, which involved performing, listening, creating works of art and craft – and generally having a wonderful time. In the kitchen I talked to the volunteer chefs who were cooking up a huge pot of pasta for more than 50. This was a scene that has been repeated many times over the summer in Middlesbrough and Cleveland, in an initiative that provides vital support for children and their families over the long summer holidays. It reflects TM&C’s aim of practical support and bringing people together – in this case providing a nutritious meal and a day of fun for the children.

Living in rural North Yorkshire, my role as champion is to encourage participation and awareness of TM&C in my area. John Hinman, trustee of TM&C, has addressed our church congregation, and this coming Harvest half of the collection will go towards TM&C’s activities. The important thing about its work is that it shows how different denominations and faiths, or none, can come together in a common goal – to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community, and particularly those who are marginalised or vulnerable. It’s about making a practical difference to people’s lives by bringing communities, organisations and individuals together.

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