Corpus Christi

Food and Friendship at Corpus Christi Primary School

The Food and Friendship team, together with our friends from the Salvation Army in Pallister Park met up with a group of Year 6 children (aged 10 – 11 years) and talked about what friendship meant to them.

We did an exercise looking at the ingredients of friendship and the children responded by giving some great examples of the meaning of friendship. Working with the children we planned to prepare a meal for older residents and family members and this included thinking about who to invite, creating special invitations and place settings, and creating a Christmas wreath and gifts made from clay for the guests.

After three sessions, our special day arrived and the children worked to prepare delicious soup and make shortbread biscuits for around 25 people. The tables were set beautifully and guests arrived and took their places to eat with the children. The enthusiasm of the children was very clear and all enjoyed healthy tasty ‘home-made’ food and friendship.

The older guests thoroughly enjoyed being part of this Food and Friendship project:

“Thank you so much for inviting me to join you for lunch today. Have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it and feel that it is very important for the children to learn about kindness and giving back to the community.”

I really enjoyed talking to the young people. They are so enthusiastic. The soup was really nice and was made better by the young people who helped make it. I liked meeting new people and how they came together.”

Here’s what the children told us :

  • I like doing the big posters about friendship also making clay shapes
  • Cooking, helping
  • The community meal, drawing our mats, making the ornaments, everything
  • I enjoyed making the soup and making different shapes with the clay

We were delighted to welcome the Bishop of Whitby and the Lord Lieutenant of North Yorkshire – Joanna Ropner who visited the session. How wonderful to be able to share the benefits of the Food and Friendship project with them.