Summer 2019 2

Feast of Fun Summer 2019

Feast of Fun will be supporting over 1,500 children, young people and families with fun activities, healthy food and family outings.

Children are looking forward to the end of school in just 3 weeks time, but for many parents the summer holidays is a huge challenge. Thousands of local children receive free school meals, but during the longs six weeks holidays the children are at home 24/7 with no extra money in the budget for food and activities to keep the children happy and entertained.

Feast of Fun began in 2014, with 6 communities supporting 250 children, and we now have 36 churches, community groups and schools offering support to over 1,500 children and families in Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland. We're delighted that new schools, churches and youth groups are taking part in Feast of Fun this year.

In each Feast of Fun project, local staff, parents and volunteers work together to create a safe space for children to have fun and learn together. Church and community halls are transformed into imaginary worlds where children can go on an adventure to another place, they enjoy a wide range of activities with games, sport, music, drama, dance, cooking and art, learning together in a fun-filled environment. Family trips are organised to places like the North York Moors and the Bowes Museum, giving families the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, which they could not otherwise afford.

Every day a healthy meal is prepared, so that children and their family can enjoy eating a nutritious meal together with other people in their community. We work with Ageing Better Middlesbrough, and more than half of the volunteers involved are older people who want to offer support to local families. The time spent together as families and as a community helps to build stronger relationships and reduces the loneliness and isolation many families face during the long summer holidays.

Parents say how important Feast of Fun is, helping them financially with food and activities and also reduced stress knowing that their children are safe and happy, and having opportunities to grow and learn together. Feast of Fun helps to make our communities safer, stronger and happier for so many children and their families each summer. We are looking forward to a fantastic Feast of Fun this summer.

Timetable for Middlesbrough Feast of Fun Summer 2019

Timetable for Redcar & Cleveland Feast of Fun Summer 2019