Christ Church, Great Ayton

A generous church, supporting TMC.

It has always been our philosophy that we are privileged to live in a wealthier part of the world, and part of that privilege is in being able to support others financially. The support we have given to many Charities over the years is an important part of our life as a Church, and this comes through various means from Appeals, Events, Occasional Offices and direct giving from the PCC budget. Give and you shall receive – very true words.

Needs aren’t just in foreign fields, but many nearer to home. The Congregation in Christ Church sees, first hand, the very difficult situation that exists for our neighbours in Middlesbrough and Cleveland and feel blessed that we are in a position to help. We chose Together Middlesbrough and Cleveland to support as it is local, efficient and accountable. We know some of the people involved, like Heather Black, and appreciate the way that this organization is able to bring together support from different sources and focus on specific needs. It is good for us to support and encourage what is happening on the ground not many miles away from where we are. We also have the link through our regular collections for the Foodbank.

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