Covid cash course

Covid Cash Recovery Impact Report

COVID Cash Recovery (CCR) is an online workshop and resource hub, which up-skills churches, charities, community leaders and organisations. It provides information and resources to help communities recover from money issues that have arisen due to COVID-19.

During the height of the pandemic the resources and content were updated weekly. This provided a reliable place for community workers to return to and reference when information was changing rapidly - allowing our attendees to accurately and efficiently support their communities.

We received an overwhelming amount of interest in the programme at the turn of the new year. We were able to train numerous local charities, as well as local councillors.

"The local info was very useful. This will definitely be a good resource to use alongside my CAP resources for clients I work with."

CCR Impact Report 2021 Final

CCR-Impact-Report-2021-Final.pdf (7.326 MB)