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Community Engagement

The BAME-led Community Engagement initiative at TM&C aimed to develop and coordinate BAME Development projects and activities.

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Organisational Engagement

TM&C reached out to different organisations, charities, community groups and individuals to know who is out there, what are doing, who are they doing it for and how can we work together to bring about BAME development and cohesion. TM&C continues to work alongside these organisations, identifying issues affecting the BAME community, gaps in provision and the skills or resources they can contribute in support to each other.

Our aim is to use local intelligence, support and community consultation and engagement to bring about change.

Mulitcultural Forum

We are very proud of the work achieved through the Multicultural Forum. The meetings are intended to act as a platform where various members, organisations and charities synergise and explore solutions to issues faced by BAME communities in Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland. At the platform we seek to break barriers to social and financial inclusion, health and wellbeing, community cohesion and general development of BAME communities.

Through the Multicultural Forum, organisations have created links and bridged several gaps to provide various provision. TM&C has supported and created awareness of, and access to, existing services and resources, such as the BAME Development Grants, Covid Cash Recovery Course and Feast of Fun.

Case Studies

Through 2021, almost £10,000 was awarded in grant funding to various community groups across Middles, Redcar and Cleveland. Here are some examples of our work to date.

Save the Woman - A parenting course for BAME parents in the UK. Creating awareness of UK parenting standards among BAME communities, potentially reducing the number of BAME children in care.

Nur Fitness - exercise classes for elderly women, targeting the Muslim community. Improving health & wellbeing in an elderly community.

Taste of Africa - Series of 11 x 2 hour webinars covering mental health, domestic abuse and chronic diseases.

Cultured Media - Offering education and guidance to BAME communities through webinars about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ubuntu Multicultural Centre - My Black African Hair Heritage. A course to improve the esteem, confidence and mental health of African women in the community.

IPC Quilting Project - women from the community and the group Mend the Gap participated in a nationwide project, organised by the Bowes Museum.

TMC Quilt
Quilt designed & made by the Mind The Gap women