• We work together with churches, other faiths, charities, local groups and organisations, to help transform lives and build flourishing communities.
  • Our work is focused in communities where people face many challenges
  • We engage with local authorities, MP’s and other agencies to bring the concerns and resources of local churches and communities to areas of joint working
  • We are the local expression of CUF in the York Diocese and we are proud to be part of the Together Network which gives a voice on the local and national stage.

Partnering with York Diocese, we work across Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland in the Archdeaconry of Cleveland.  To find out more, sign up for our Regular E-Newsletter.

A Theory of Change document entitled Strengthening Communities and reducing the Effects of Poverty in Middlesbrough & Cleveland provides an overview of our work.



We acknowledge that many people are not able to flourish in our local communities due to a complex web of issues:

Poverty of resources – when people lack sufficient resources, such as income, skills, qualifications or health, to achieve a good standard of living. Where resources are limited, so are people’s choices and opportunities.

Poverty of relationships – when people lack the strong and supportive relationships on which individual, family and community life are built, resulting in loneliness and isolation. Where relationships are under pressure or where communities are fragmented and hostile, it is difficult to thrive in human terms.

Poverty of identity – when people lack a strong sense of self-worth and a belief in their own ability to respond to challenges. Where these are missing, it can lead to low self- esteem, a lack of resilience and aspiration, poor mental health and even drug and alcohol misuse.

These issues are complex and closely interlinked, the CUF paper Web of Poverty describes this more fully.

Church Urban Fund Poverty Look-up Tool is a really useful resource to find out the challenges faced by people living in Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland. A search by postcode or parish will produce data for your local Church of England parish.

We recognise that all communities have assets and strengthsAsset-based Community Development

We recognise that all communities have assets and strengths and so our work follows an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach. This seeks to identify and celebrate the skills, talents and energy within communities and build on the great work that is already happening across Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland. You can find out more about ABCD here An Asset based approach